Monday, 31 December 2012

A Nice Walk on the Last Day of 2012!

                                            We walked along the Goose Lake Trail today.

It was just below freezing, the snow crunched underfoot and didn't get stuck between my toes, yay!

                                                We walked to the old corral. So still.

I was made to wear a jacket as I always got burrrrrs in my hair when we walk up there. I ditched the matching chapeau, perhaps a styling Mr. Coyotee will find it and wear it, lol!

Daddy and I are striking a pose just as we make our way back to the trail home.


  1. Pawsome burr catcher.

    Have a Barky New Year

    1. Our family wishes your family all the best for 2013!!!
      <3 Zelda