Saturday, 29 December 2012

Coyotes don't play ball

Kayak and I have been largely out on our own for the past three days as our human family has been down with the flu. Mommy said that rich people call this a "cleanse". Today Mommy was outside with us. She swept the chicken house and brushed the snow off the roof and then we played ball with her, but were gentle.

The ice is on the lake and so are the coyotes.  Today Mommy said, "No, Princess Zelda they do not want to play ball with you." I have wanted to play ball with them but they walk away far out on the ice. Kayak showed his teeth at them and got between us and made me stay in the yard.

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  1. No coyotes in Key West. Your Mommy is right, those coyotes don't play ball. Stay safe and listen to your Mommy.

    Essex & Sherman