Friday, 21 September 2012

SKINNY DIPPER ( or today I got a home haircut revenge : )

We go for wonderful evening walks but...there are burrrrrrs and they accidentally get caught in my hair. Usually that means a wonderful relaxing trip to the SPA. But today Mommy took out the shears and CUT THE BURRS OUT OF MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR HERSELF!?! I feel so ripped off! I slipped out of my leash and collar and I did what I had to do and went for a dip in the swamp. Ta da, trip to the spa booked. A girl has to have her beauty time!


  1. Bowsers, we would have seen pictures of Princess Zelda the swamp thing, Hmmm, did you find Cayo Hueso there?

    Black Dog

  2. I DID find TREASURE! It was most of a carp (my husband Kayak's favorite perfume).

  3. Oh my dog !! With my brother, we were watching over dogs with and then I saw your name !! Can you believe my name is Link !!!
    I think it's destiny...

    We have a blog, my brother Echo do almost all the talking, but I would be thrilled if you can visit me... He would too, we love making new friends !!

    You knight, Link