Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nice Day for a Walk

Today is sooo nice and sunny and warm (but not too too hot). It's just a perfect late summer day. Mommy spent the morning picking grapes (I helped by snapping at the wasps until I got shooed away 'cause I got stung on the mouth once). Kayak lazed under the hazelnut bushes. He watches me and gets up only if I need assistance. Next was picking tomatoes, then some corn. I got in trouble for chasing hawks, believe it or not. Now that the chicken run is hawk proof, hawks are important to catch the mice that eat the vegetables.

Sheesh, a dog can't win around this farm!

FINALLY, the grapes were picked over and set to make raisins, the rest taken care of, the chicken given the scraps.


We walked up to Goose Lake, which is directly above our Swan Lake.

There were birds to scare (Mommy said it was all right 'cause Goose Lake was a water reservoir), cows to leave alone (range cows).

 A small herd of horses that were dots on a hill came to investigate us.

I watched for a bear that had been on the trail.  I'm a natural at security.  I did everything right.
We walked until dark.

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  1. Glad you got your walk in, sounds like you had a pawsome day.