Friday, 14 September 2012

Raise your paw if you like FRIDAYS!!!

Ooooooh, it's Friday! This means a longer walk in the evening, and helping Mommy work in the garden, mow the lawn. Hours of uninterrupted us time. We live out in the sticks (yes throw me a stick anytime) so barking and running is expected. But Friday afternoon is the beginning of the Weekend so Kayak and I (and even my arch-enemy Caddie) get all the running around we can handle. This weekend on my menu I've got a nice off road run (probably a walk off leash!) to Goose Lake on Saturday. It's a nice dog friendly trail with a lake and ducks and geese to bark at (it's a drinking water reservoir so Mommy says its Okay to bark away the birds).


  1. Welcome back. We were starting to wonder if you were still blogging. Are those geese mean?

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Sherman

  2. Nope (I scared the geese away today)!