Thursday, 26 January 2012


Jan 26 Tomorrow is a very important day for me (us really), I get my hair done. I was left alone with a credit card the first time I went there, and IT WAS HEAVENLY!

It didn't start out that way though. I was given a home tubby, and a rinse off with the garden hose no less. In retaliation I went for another swim in the Lake and then had a nice roll in something wonderful that was for the compost. I thought I had done a nice job with my hair with a few burrs for accent but I guess I had gone too far. I was hosed off again and then off to the THE SPA. What I didn't know was we were running in a 5K and others might not have liked how I looked or smelled, as I was scolded, "Smelled like a Manure Pile". I guess that isn't as nice as I thought at the time.

Anyway that first time at THE SPA as I said was HEAVENLY. I was given a massage, while my hair was having a pretreatment, my choice of shampoo (the one that detangled), a nice rinse and lightener (no foils). Then a blow-dry, a trim and because of the burrs, a Brazilian. I also had my nails (clear polish that time) done, and teeth. Then a light lunch. After that a brush out, a fluff up, another relaxing massage, and why not a dog only lives once (not like a cat). Then my hair was styled and because (they said it) I am so special, I got ribbons in my hair AND a bandana for my neck.

As I said HEAVENLY, I wasn't given the credit card after that. But still when I go to the spa everyone knows me by name as soon as I come through the door, even if it is just to pick up food or treats or something for my cats. I try to need grooming as much as possible. This is not hard for a smart Collie like me! Today even though it is winter, I was lucky to find enough to roll in for a SPA DAY!

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