Saturday, 28 January 2012


Jan 27 Everyone NEEDS to go to the SPA from time to time. Especially a working dog like me. I was brushed out and my hair thinned a bit then a wonderful massage and a hair treatment. Then a bubble bath soak (that was new). Next was a blow-dry and comb-out but no trim 'cause I'm trying something different and letting my hair grow out a bit. Then there was a bit of lunch while I had my nails trimmed and French Polished. I tried a new cologne that has a cedar woodsy scent. I didn't go along on the 5km run so Kayak got a turn, besides I just had a Mani-pedi and the polish might have gotten smudged!

While I was soaking I heard about a Yoga class that sounds good and hope we sign up. As a trainer I'm always looking for more ways to stretch. The Downward Facing Dog part sounds especially interesting.

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