Sunday, 3 February 2013


Looks like I'm going to be putting "sheep herder" on my résumé. Actually I think It will be GRAND, me owning sheep. I'm liking the sound of this much better that "Guard of the fancy pants Chickens"! Lately they have been taking liberties and riding around on my back. I don't like it and personally I do not care that their feet are cold and they are getting high centred in the snow.

Sheep even smell better. I think my ancestors would be proud of me when MY sheep come to our farm (Mommy says everybody "belongs" to me; my cats, my chickens, my husband Kayak, etc.) as I watch over them. We get them as soon as the barn is built, it is going to be hard to wait.


  1. Sheep!! That sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to hear the stories now!!!

  2. I wasn't allowed to bring the sheep home. I wasn't allowed to EVEN GO SEE THEM as their farm didn't allow strange dogs (Mommy checked). HMMMPH, I am not strange, unique definitely but not strange. Anyhoo, the Babydoll sheep had already been sold, but Mommy brought home a Babydoll Ram's fleece, 2 grey mohair fleece and one white kid mohair fleece. You would think that they were gold or something! I grabbed one bag to just help out as they looked heavy and wow did I get a dirty look. The ram's fleece smelled wonderful! This weekend we (me too I hope) check out a flock of Icelandic sheep.